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Thread: Fuse in plug blowing

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    Fuse in plug blowing

    Hi everyone. I have only been doing this for a week and I have soft moded my Wii with no problems (everything works fine) Anyway I decided to install some game wads I used my version 1.7 wad manager and they all installed with no problem. When I tried to run one of them from the wii menu I just got a blank screen and my Wii wouldnt turn off. After I unpluged and pluged it back in my Wii was powerless. I thought it was bricked but no I replaced the fuse in the plug and all was ok back to normal. I tried it again in case it was a fuse problem but no the same happend again. I replaced the fuse and obviously removed the wads. Has anyone got any info as to the reason why this is happening?



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    This has nothing to do with software and you are not bricked. If I was to guess I would say you have to much plugged into the plug and caused the fuse to blow. Unplug other devices from it to reduce the current draw on the plug. If it still happens and you are certain that it's the Wii causing it, then you might have a hardware problem. If it is then it would be almost impossible for us to determine what that might be.

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    Thank you for your quick response.

    I have had no problem at all with my Wii since I removed the wads and I had no problem power wise before I installed them. It is pluged into it's own power supply. Yet if I install the wads and try to run one my screen stays blank and the Wii is frozen (I.E. it wont power off by the power switch or reset switch) then when I power off at the wall and switch back on the fuse has blown. It certanly is a strange fault. Perhaps the wads arn't instaling properly? I am new to the Wii scene and dont know yet all there is to know about all the different ios that run different things etc. If I find the answer I will post it. Once again thank you for your help.



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    WADs can't do this- it's theoretically impossible.

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    You shouldn't power off the Wii by unplugging it. Just hold the power button for 4 seconds. That could be your problem.


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