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Thread: original wiikey problems with back ups

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    original wiikey problems with back ups

    i have a original wiikey install backup games work fine use verbetim and memorex now for some reason alot of the new backup's games and some of the old backup's come up and show the game it starts to load then disc read error if anyone can help i appricate it. my firmware is 3.3u and the wiikey is 1.9 is there anything i need to do with the config disc to fix this problem thanks

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    it might be because fake signed games dont run on 3.3+ outside of gecko os

    IE scrubed and brick blocked

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    so what do i have to do to get them to work or is there anything i can do thanks

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    install homebrew channel via twilight
    use gecko OS, or get IOS 51/shop channel and patch it

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    can you explain how to do this do i have to buy anything i would rather not hope it just a software thing thanks

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    i understand the hombrew install but IOS 51/shop channel and patch it where do you get this and how to install it and will this fix the problem with all the backups that won't play i always region frii for USA before i burn them thanks

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    =.= its amazing how little people get

    theres a download for it there, and in the download section
    put it on a SD card, in apps and rename the .dol "boot"
    open homebrew channel, and open it
    it will ask to install
    then it will ask to patch, say yes to both

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    thanks for the help i'll try it thanks again


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