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Thread: Djmnv Modder Vettacossx :d

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    Djmnv Modder Vettacossx :d

    I AM very interested in contributing to a site whos hacking and modding the wii!!! I am a psp hacker known as vettacossx to the psp scene i am 24 years old ive been a VERY EVERYDAY ACTIVE member of the psp scene since 2004 and still am today as well as lead a DEV CALLED DJMNV MODS.....I have recently purchased a wii with the new prospect of homebrew on the nintendo's next gen wii i intend too contribute all that i can to wii hacks and be a active helpfull member although i too am new too WII hacking and will be a ever learning newb with most of you here i want to just extend my humble assistance to anyone i can...IN the hope that i might be able to help homebrew become a thriving scene on my WII like it is for my PSP feel free to GOOGLE for my credentials its nice too meet everyone here i hope that we can all be good friends and a gr8 team of users with common goals
    although i prefer to be a user...( not staffer :P ) i am a contributer when i enjoy the benifits of a scene i feel it is my obligation to offer what i can see my psp site here
    and my subdomain here http://pspplayground.condor.serverpr...php?board=38.0
    i only post theese links to show my credentials another way too see them is a simple google search on vettacossx Results 1 - 10 of about 2,140 for vettacossx. (0.05 seconds if theres anything i can help with even filefetching that can contribute too the PROGRESS OF HOMEBREW RUNNING of the SD please feel free too im me my MSN IS thanks for taking the time too read my post and i hope too work closeley with the users here in the future as an active WiiHacks member
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    good to have somewhat of an expert on board. Welcome to the WiiModding Scene
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    Welcome aboard VettacossX!

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    Quite the intro. Welcome.

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    thanks for the warm welcome guys ive found and posted a ton of GAMECUBE HOMEBREW EMULATORS that can be used with the ACTION REPLAY swap exploit and i have put in my order for my action replay so that i can run homebrew games and apps on my wii IN GAMECUBE MODE allowing for use of open source emulators on the nintendo wii thereby eliminating the need for VC games although we could all deal with a decent way to get these onto a UNMODDED WII although if you read recent reports NOT BUYING YOUR VC GAMES could really bare an effect on the future of wii games at least according too nintendo i leave it up to you to judge (personally i would love a hack for VC games but thats just the non-conformity side of me speaking i guess lol ive enjoyed psp devhook too long :P..)

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    Welcome To the Forum! Hope you enjoy!


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