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Thread: Zelda Majoras Mask On Wii?

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    Smile Zelda Majoras Mask On Wii?

    Hello, is there any possible way to play zelda MM or Dk 64?
    I mean, has there been a hacker who has done this? Or used the Gc version to inject it instead?
    Plz help

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    Yeah theyve been done but their UBER RISKY, and are not perfectly working, if u really want em look in torrents or go to and get them but i DONT RECOMEND IT

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    Thanks for the reply. But what do you mean by risky? Is it Possible to break wii?

    But anyway, could you give me a link oif you have 1?

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    what else would risky mean xD

    its like 70 safe / 30 brick

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    right... well i searched it but i couldnt find anything... can i have sum sort of link plz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman4show View Post
    Thanks for the reply. But what do you mean by risky? Is it Possible to break wii?
    These games haven't been released for the Virtual Console, so people take a working game ... say Zelda: Ocarina of Time and inject a different rom into it.

    If the injection isn't done correctly, it'll brick your console.

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    ^ they got programs, but its not a perfect science, and not everyone is immune to the same one

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    The easiest way to do this is by getting the GameCube Zelda: Collectors Edition disc.

    Plenty of copies for sale on eBay: zelda collectors edition, Video Games, Books items on


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