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Thread: HELP! - Bought Modded Wii - Want to Replace Modded IOS with Non-Modded IOS!

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    HELP! - Bought Modded Wii - Want to Replace Modded IOS with Non-Modded IOS!


    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a rather strange Wii question at least point me in the right direction.

    I recently purchased a used Nintendo Wii with games to resell on eBay, but when I got it home, to my surprise, it had been soft modded.

    Anywho, long story short I want to get rid of the homebrew channel and reverse ALL of the changes made to the IOS so I can sell it. I've searched everywhere and it appears there is no real way to this. Which leads me to my question, can I back up the internal operating system from my non-modded wii somehow and use it to replace the modded ios? If so how would I go about doing so? I should probably also mention that like an idiot I went and started screwing with things and just deleted the homebrew channel.

    Any help GREATLY appreciated,

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    Virginizing (removing softmods) is a very dangerous process, and because of that it is discouraged. It's also not very logical to remove extra features and brick protection provided by softmods. However, there are a few guides being developed for such a thing. I don't know how long it will take.

    If you want to sell it, you might consider doing so on here. It all depends on what you features the Wii has. In the case of mods, the older it is, the better. A Wii made before mid-2008 can install bootmii as boot2, play DVD's, and backup discs. Just the console alone is worth $100, mostly because of the boot2.

    Go into the System Settings to check what version your System Menu is (top-right corner) and respond. I will then give instructions on how to check what it is capable of.

    Edit: You should also post an introduction in the Introduce Yourself section for helpful links and info.
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