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Thread: GameCube Backup Launcher - Failed to read DVD 263

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    GameCube Backup Launcher - Failed to read DVD 263

    I have searched this and other forums to no avail.

    I installed the WAD version of Wanikoko/WiiGator's version of GC BackupLauncher 0.2

    I installed cMIOS +mios v8 and the loader correctly (according the the uploader's exact directions.

    I created multi-boot discs using the best multi-disc creator out there, "MultiGame ISO Creator" and made sure they are USA region. I burned them at the usual 2.4x speed, but tried a few others. I use Verbatim -R

    So to that I say, I've taken all necessary precautions, so don't post this (as these are the ONLY response on any forum about this issue)

    So I load up the GC loader and no matter which disc I put in I get the same output - either the program freezes, goes haywire with text and pixels jumping all over the place, or I get back an error that says "Failed to read DVD 263" and then an error with a bunch of numbers and x's. Then I get sent back to the Wii system menu.

    Please help!

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