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Thread: Issues with samsung se-s084 external dvd drive

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    Issues with samsung se-s084 external dvd drive

    hello. I also have the same issues with the samsung se-s084 external dvd drive. When I plug it to my wii and try to launch the Uloader v 5.1E. it says that the device doesn't not work with usb 2.0. Then it says that it cannot initialise the device, error -1201.
    I have unplugged it and plugged to anothe port and then it says that there's no usb device pulgged to port 0. I can see that the device does read the disc, but nothing happens.

    When loading the uloader, I activated the reset bulk and timout hacks, and nothing changed. Also I have tried with another samsung external dvd device, (i don't remember the reference) and it worked.
    When testing the drive with my laptop it works, it even read dvd-r movies, so the unit is perfect

    My wii has the 3.3 u firmware.
    thank you
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