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Thread: just joined, a bit about me

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    Us just joined, a bit about me

    Hi WiiHacks folks,

    Okay, so I'm suppose to share about myself? Well, I'm not to forum savvy, save for the forums. But I hope to learn more about how to get the most out of using my hacked wii, which I did by following a tut somewhere on the web, probably from here.

    I originally hacked so I could play my NES & SNES roms on TV instead of the computer. Love those old games! Seriously, why pay for a game (again) you purchased before in the past?! Nintendo is legendary, but they need to get with the times and support user-generated content alongside new content they develop.

    So about me...I'm 28, married, no kids, 2 cats, army veteran, filmmaker, and unicyclist. I have been playing NES since I was a kid. My systems growing up were NES, SNES, and PS1 and XBOX (during my army days). Forgive me but I never got into 64 or Gamecube, but I do want to get Zelda Ocarina of Time. Right now I own just Wii and a 360. I'm not as much as a gamer as I once was, but I still like to chill out in front of the tube and play old games for nostalgia and new games for fun. I'm very behind, but the current titles I am playing are Twilight Princess & Donkey Kong for Wii. I really prefer platforms and FPS such as Mario & Halo (#2 my fav!).

    I mainly use my Wii for Netflix, though, being the filmmaker I am. I love movies! Check out more about me at my website

    So as of last night, I figured out (thanks to this forum) how to update Wii Shop Channel so I can finally get the Netflix channel (was using the disk before). I have version 4.1U. I see there are many other hacked versions out I at a "good one" to have or should I change it up or down??

    So I look forward to learning more and gaining confidence in my knowledge of using WiiHacks to get the most out of my Wii. Right now I would like to figure out how to play DVDs so I can take out the DVD player. Is there a post that explains in laymans terms what each Homebrew App/program is/does? Like the USB loader VS loadme etc...I need a guide because all I know and use is the HBC

    Thanks for putting up with my noobiness!
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    Hello and welcome to
    Hi, 4.1 is perfect, and if you used a wiihacks guide you should have priiloader installed to block further updating action on your console. If you do not have priiloader i would suggest to use mauifrog's softmod any wii guide from the beginning even if you have done already other things to your wii, just install on top of what you got. DVD playing is only possible with older wiis. Read below about the different drive chips etc. However you can perfectly use WiiMC as your mediaplayer to play music and movies from external hdd or a shared network folder on your PC(link in the "misc" part of this message). Good luck for now! Join the chat if you need help quickly, always helpful people there and our chatbot Luigi can provide you with additional links. Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Have fun in the forum!

    You joined the right site to learn everything about wii modding and hacking.

    General Warnings: Do not update to 4.3! - Do not listen to youtube hacking tutorials - Do not use Pimp My Wii - Get a NAND backup - Install Priiloader - Use the search function!

    There are just a few things you should keep in mind. Be sure that you read the forum rules and understand them. Any discussion about pirated material or cheating will be shut down. Be sure to post in the correct forum section - best suiting the post's content.

    Searching and Posting

    Before posting it is always good to check if the question has been answered already, the chances are very high. Just give the searchbar a shot - further infos in the Ultimate Searching Guide by emuhack.
    Keep in mind you can also search within the thread your are currently reading, look above the posts and find "Search Thread" in the grey bar.

    Maybe you want to try out this as well:
    Just place your query before or behind "".

    The Recommended Tutorials and Guides section will be your main source for information.

    You might also want to check out the Ultimate Wiihacks Index, the Author Index and the Wii Softmodding - Basics and Beyond to get along the site and get to know some hacking terminology etc .

    When you decide to post in the forum, make sure you are posting in the appropriate section of the forum and that you have searched and found no solution. Describe your problem in detail and what you have done before the error occured, provide a syscheck.

    Your Wii

    Clearly you want to know what is inside your Wii. Track down the Wii's serial No. (sticker on the console's back) and just find it out!

    If you got a DVD drive with one of the newer D3-v2 or D4 chips you won't be able to play any non retail wii or gc game disc (game backup or movie dvd). All black/red and recently bought Wiis will have one of those chips.
    You got one? Go for a softmodding USB loading route.

    Go to your wii settings menu and look in the upper right corner and find out which system menu version you currently got installed on your wii. On that you decide which softmod guide to use and hack your wii.

    Softmod Guides

    To initially softmod your Wii use one of the following softmod guides. Just choose the guide which you understand the most. If you want to start over and want to get rid of a previous installation, just install new things on top of old. There is no need to delete everything or virginizing your wii. Make sure you install Bootmii get a NAND backup. Install Priiloader and block disc and online updates.

    To load your game backups from a USB hard drive follow the:

    Modchip Users

    There is also a Wii Modchips Section.


    Feel free to join the chat to get hints how to mod your Wii or talk about whatever you want (just keep some IRC rules in mind).

    Chat via IRC

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    Hot Topics !!!!
    section in the forum!
    Game Guides

    If our site guides and members have helped you in a significant way, feel free to Donate to cover server and bandwidth costs.

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