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Thread: Is it ok to upgrade?

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    Is it ok to upgrade?

    I have a drivekey modchip and i recently got black ops off a friend(burnt copy).

    We were going to play multiplayer but when i go into multiplayer it asks me to update the wii.

    This is the message:
    "An update to Call of Duty:Black ops is avaliable. To advance any further, exit the game and start the wii shop channel. If necessary, add wii points there."

    My firmware is 3.4e and has never been updated before.

    So i have to update. Will my wii become bricked or will it be fine?

    NOTE: I installed IOS57-64-v5918 so i could get black ops to run, will this affect the update?

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    There is a guide on this. Search for it.
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    What he said. Thread closed.

    (your question is covered in the first spoiler in the guide)
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