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Thread: Red-blue, red-blue, nothing...

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    Red-blue, red-blue, nothing...

    Hi all,

    Recently installed my wiikey v2 and that's the LED flashes that i get and then nothing. Is this normal or is the red led supposed to stay switched on?
    (It does the same thing when i insert a backup.) Reason that i ask is that none of my backups work but originals work just fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Wiikey V2
    Pal Wii 3.4E

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    What drive is it installed into and are you using a clip??

    If it is a hard mod double check your solder points to make sure nothing came loose or is bridged.

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    red, blue

    hi mate,

    It is a hard mod connected with a wii-clip. The pins are not cut and everything looks fine. I did some more research and apparently, the leds are not supposed to stay on. The light flashes again when i insert my backup but the wii cannot read any discs. I am using imgburn to burn my Iso's but no luck as yet. As mentioned previously, all original discs work perfectly...

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    Allright. What type of media are you using and what speed did you burn at.

    I use nero and burn at 4X but I have verbatim discs.

    It could be a media issue or burning issue but when I load mine up I see the two lights and then they shut off.

    does it start to read the disc and then slow down or stop? o

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    red, blue

    I am currently using Imation and burned the first few discs @ 8x -schoolboy error. I just burned a few more @ 2x and 4x and have yet to test them (burnt with IMGBURN.)

    The lights come on and switch off which apparently, is what it's supposed to do. It starts to read the disc but then stops just after the disc read error pops up. I will let you know how i go with the new discs...

    More info:
    Wiikey V2
    3.4E Pal Wii D2E

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    your media is garbage switch to verbatim dvd-r made in japan/singapore. burn 4x with The Official ImgBurn Website
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    Changed my media to Verbatim, burned @ 4x and presto! Bob's your uncle! Thanks for all of the help peeps. Now to downgrade to 3.2 ....

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