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Thread: Problem with SSBB and Zelda TP

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    Question Problem with SSBB and Zelda TP

    Hi guys, im new member here, and well, i have a problem with 2 games, first one is SSBB, um i borrowed the game disc from a friend so i could have a copy, but it seemed to be pretty scratched, btw i wasnt able to play on adventure mode, after beating kirby on subs space emissary, i received this message ''game disc error please open manual and some other stuff '' so my cousin gave me his disc, me n my bro burned that one and it was alright, played when pit n mario join up and then again game disc error message, and well, i can play on classic, and all that, even all star mode, but subs space is the problem, so i would like to know how to fix it, till now im using the disc i first had problems with, and about the one on usb(SSBB disc i burned from my cousin) it works fine, but has the same problem his disc has, which is, crashes when pit n mario beat the first boss.
    Another question, is it possible to run Original game discs through usb gx loader, and changing options like i dunno Ios nd all that?
    Because the second game i have problems with is from my friend too, most of his games are pretty scratched though, had problems burning it, to be honest, I didnt burn it, it stopped like till 99% and it had an error, so i just decided ''oh well ill play it with the original disc'', i didnt have problems till now, and it always seems to crash when i get to Telmas Bar, where theres a cutscene, where i have to escort illia and telma. I havent done anything with TP yet, since i dont want to screw anything, but i would definetaly appretiate some help.
    Since my wii is version 4.2, and i have hacks, homebrew channel, Neogamma, Usb Gx Loader, Uloader, etc. well my opinion is does it have to do something with those applications, or i dunno, its either the discs or something else.
    Well thats all people :s if u need more details tell me, cuz im pretty stressed right now so i might have forgot to tell something.

    P.D. Eh the super paper mario wii game, well just a little issue, when trying to get to the 3rd chapter it goes black screen after all the conversation.
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    Any help please? :s

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    The fact that you are asking help burning copies of SSBB that you don't own means no. We don't help pirates.
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