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Thread: Cleaning SD Card/Healthy Wii/Netflix Q's

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    Cleaning SD Card/Healthy Wii/Netflix Q's

    I hacked my Wii and I don't really know much about the files on my SD card. I wanted to ask for advice on what are the "necessary" files to leave on it so that my hacked wii continues to function. Basically, I only use Homebrew Channel to play NES & SNES roms. All the other programs that came with the hack I do not use or I don't know what they do/what they're for. What can/should I delete off my SD card? Is there a definitive guide that shows a clean & organized file structure for a freshly-hacked wii? I'm at 4.1U.

    Also, I tried following a guide so that I could update and be able to use the Shop Channel (so I could download the Netflix channel because the disk doesn't work anymore). I installed a few ISOs and followed a few guides, but it didn't work. Should I be worried about my firmware/ISO structure? Is there a way I can check the integrity of my ISOs to be sure I have only the ones needed for it to function and not any "strays"? As you can probably already tell, I'm bit of a Type-A perfectionist personality and I want only the apps/programs/files that I need w/o extra unnecessary junk.

    My main concern is:

    1) Essential files, folders, & apps on the SD card for a freshly hacked 4.1U
    2) Getting the Netflix Channel (I can't find the guide)
    3) Making sure my Wii is healthy & strong in terms of it's ISOs & whatever else

    Also, can you play regular DVDs on a Wii and, 'should' you not play them (for any reason)?

    I was going to unhack my Wii because I mainly use it for Netflix and they got rid of the Disk

    Help, advice, direction, links, support appreciated!

    (This is my first post here, forgive the N00biness)

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    Follow the guides you need here, and Introduce Yourself first.
    And there is no need to unhack. It's better off as-is.

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