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Thread: Wiiflow r304 on hermes 222\223v4 and 204\224v5

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    Wiiflow r304 on hermes 222\223v4 and 204\224v5

    I am trying to load Wiiflow on my Wii via the homebrew channel. The problem I am experiencing is instead of loading, the screen goes black and the system freezes.

    I have tried moving my root:\wiiflow folder into the apps folder without any success.
    I had originally installed cios 222 223 224 204 v5 but after researching I realized there was better compatibility with 222 223 v4 so I overwrote them.

    I have been reading for 6 hours and no one seems to have a solution to this issue so now I am forced to try the forum.

    Please, any help you could provide would be appreciated. Also, if there is any other data you require in order to help me please just ask. I am getting frustrated and I really would like to test this loader.


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    Follow the mod any wii guide.
    Click on this


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