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Thread: 6.35 pro-b released !

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    6.35 pro-b released !

    Compressed PRO-B Binaries

    New compressed PRO-B binaries are now available for download here

    These binaries work just the same way the previous ones did, however they are only 1/10 of the former size, summing up to a total of 1MB instead of 10MB.

    Fast Recovery – Misunderstanding?

    I’ve been browsing through several newspages, forums, etc. to see how 6.35 PRO-B is being used… and I’ve discovered a big misunderstanding most guys suffer from.

    Fast Recovery is not a recovery menu!

    It’s a “Fast Launcher for People who already have installed the CFW using the Updater” !

    The Updater launches a Pre-Execution Environment to execute the Kernel Module Installer, this takes about 10 seconds extra time… however, once the CFW is installed there is no need for that anymore…

    Fast Recovery is a fast app to recover CFW functions after they have been disabled by a system shutdown.

    The Updater + Install + Reboot to PRO takes about 20 seconds total time…

    Booting into PRO CFW using Fast Recovery takes 10 seconds only, but has no install / uninstall options.

    Source- The World

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    I have bought a PSP 3000 v5.50 for my son recently from Walmart. After days of research I made the leap and installed 6.35 pro-b on the PSP and 5 minutes later it works as advertised. I will post the link to the website I used and provide a short walk through for those of you who wish to 'hack' your PSP. This also works for PSPGO and PSP2000 (certain models).

    Website: CFW For Dummies – PSP3000, PSPGo, and PSP2000 Ta88v3 ·

    1. I upgraded my PSP's version from 5.50 to 6.35. There are multiple sites providing the link to upgrade your version, please make sure you use a credible site. I used MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service.

    2. Then I installed Virtuous Flame’s CFW 6.35 Pro-B. I used PSP Downloads | PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B. Within that compressed package are two files, put them in your I:\PSP\GAME\ directory where I:\ is your PSP's memory card (to access this you must plug in your PSP to your computer and turn on USB connect through your menu).

    3. Once those files have been copied over, you may safely disconnect your PSP and through the menu go to 'games' and scroll to the bottom where you can select your memory card. Within there you must run 635 PRO update to install the 'hack'.

    4. Now you're almost ready to go, the other selection within your memory card on your PSP should be a 'fast recovery'. This must be loaded every time you hard boot your PSP (if you just put it into sleep mode you're good), takes about 15-20 seconds, screen will go black then back to the main menu. And BAM, you're ready to play your ISO games or movies.

    5. ISO games should be put into I:\ISO\
    6. Movies are put into I:\MOVIES
    7. and music into I:\MUSIC

    p.s. All directories must be in capitals letters.

    Hope this helps, any problems please ask.


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