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Thread: connect24 problem on animal crossing

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    connect24 problem on animal crossing

    hey guys, new here. sorry to bother, but I searched and didn't find this specific problem.
    Basically, I've already installed IOS53, 55, and 38. Running 3.3U. I am able to load AC from regular disc channel just fine... however, it doesn't seem to allow connect24 features.
    I can visit towns and people can visit me, but I can't sent any letters to other towns. Also, I can't access connect24 options when you first start the game.
    Am I missing something? do the IOS need to be installed in any specific order?
    Thank you so much for your help!!!

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    nope, that sounds like a game error, or doing something wrong

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    I had read on other links that some wifi options were not working properly on the backup versions only... that's why i wonder if it has to do with that. i've also read on other forums of other people having the same issue with the connect24 features only...
    any other ideas?
    I've double checked my connect24 and wifi outside of the game, and it seems to be functioning just fine (weather channel, etc.)
    thanks again for any input!

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    i just know there is no ios or anything for it, being i dont care personally, i dont know of another case of this or a fix, so i assume its a game error/burn error

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    i just found the solution!
    just in case someone else is having the same issue:
    if you initially did not turn connect24 on, then you need to go back on the bus after you turn it on... Rover will be there, and you have to talk to him to activate it.
    wow, so ridiculously obscure!
    anyway, thanks for your input!


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