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Thread: Gecko question

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    Us Gecko question

    Hello guys,

    Just a question, Running games with Gecko RegionFree v1.5, when i exit throught the "Home > WiiMenu", my wii stays ON (green light) but the TV receives no signal and the WiiMote disconnects.

    Is this okay? Or i need to install something else?


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    the tv should keep its signal, and then give the wii with the white, channel screen box menu thing *u know the one -,_-,* then load the menu, and the mote should only disconnect shortly

    if everything is working fine, then i wouldnt worry or care about it

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    So i have a problem, because my wii never gets back O.O

    Thanks anyway!

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    does powering off work okay, from within the game when it is loaded through gecko?


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