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Thread: Wiikey Fusion and GCOS multidisk

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    Angry Wiikey Fusion and GCOS multidisk

    My Wiikey Fusion cannot read GCOS multidisk. How to fix this ?
    Only get's a emty GCOS multidisk screen.

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    If you have the newer wii, it is more likely you can't read DVD-Rs.

    If your using a multigame iso file, more likely it requires softmodding to load.

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    It's a old Wii (not a D3-2) and it can read backup's.
    No softmod, firm 4.1
    DVD verbatim, burn 4x speed (Imgburn).
    Wii backup DVD OK, only no GCOS multidisk ??
    The multidisk starts only the SCOS screen is empty.
    A other Wii (Wiikey2) works well.

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    You can try this link. On the first page someone has the same DVD and burn speed also produced coasters. It is suggested right below it that burning at 2x would get you a better result.


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