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Thread: Downgrade problems

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    Us Downgrade problems

    Hello everyone,

    I Followed every step in this FAQ:

    But when i was trying to run the cIOS Downgrade v1.2, my HBC for some reason don't detect the application from my SD Card.

    So, i used the AnyRegion Changer v1.2 and the ONLY thing that i have done, was "Install the SystemMenu v3.2U"

    The installer download a lot of things, installed and at the end i got an error, then trying again, i got this error:

    Cleaning up temporary IOS version 255:
    Removing tickets: .... no tickets found
    Remove title contents...
    Error!! ES_DELETETITLECONTENT (ret = -106)
    Remove title..
    Error! ES_DeleteTitle (ret -106)

    Press any key to continue...
    (then when i press)
    Error! Es_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)

    The AnyRegion Changer says:

    I rebooted my Wii and Wii Settings shows version 3.2U.

    Running AnyRegion Changer again, everything is correct.

    So, its everything okay?
    I need to install something else?


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    it did that to me, and it had no actual affect on the wii, since i can use everything on it xD


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