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Thread: Help needed on drive problem!! Thanks!!!

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    Help needed on drive problem!! Thanks!!!

    I helped a fren who got a Jap Wii and recently i flashed it to 3.2U and installed HBC and Gecko. However after i did that, the disc channel keeps getting 'unable to read the disc', both originals and backups. Anyone knows why or have experience this before?
    I could have mess up the system but sometimes it loads some pirated games but so far, i cant get to load the backups and even some original.
    Any advise? Could it be a drive problem? or Software problem?

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    the disc region changed, so that probly why, if you are using the loader, i would say thats why, if youre using a modchip, it might need to be reconfigured

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    His got a modchip, but i don't know which one. Regarding this region thing, so far those disc that successfully loaded, Wii sports NTSC and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party PAL.
    Do i still have to configure the modchip? could you advise me how?


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    I followed your lead on region problem and realised i had the same issue on Any region changer like you and the EULA stuff. Now it's working perfectly.
    Amazing dude!!!

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    like me and the EULA stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    like me and the EULA stuff?
    refer to :

    Yes, i had the same problem with anyregion and the user agreement for the console. Read the agreement and open up anyregion to fix the region problem. Everything works fine now.



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