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Thread: Full Brick, No Video, Black Screen - Fixed with BootMii (phew)

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    Full Brick, No Video, Black Screen - Fixed with BootMii (phew)

    My wife went to put SSB on for my nephew while I was out one day using GX Loader. Dunno what happened, but she said the screen turned black. I could not get any video/audio on power up, not even the health and safety "press A" screen.

    I tried everything, swapped the video cables and TVs, but regardless of which screen, or whether it was composite or component, I got nothing.

    I have both bootmii (as boot 2) and priiloader installed and I get the 2 flashes of the light upon power up, but no video.

    I tried holding down the reset button on power up to get the priiloader, but no-go. I tried the gamecube controller in port 4 with all 4 D-Pad buttons down, but still nothing.

    Luckily I had backed up my NAND using bootmii as per the tutorial before I continued with the softmodding. Additionally, I had deliberately bought a Sandisk 2Gb SD card specifically for this backup, labelled it "Wii NAND Backup" and stored it safely in a drawer.

    I inserted the SD card, powered on the Wii and suddenly I saw video again for the first time since it bricked!

    I ran through the restore process and 10 minutes later I had a Wii system menu back in place

    It is v3.3E, so I still have to go and put all the mods back, but at least I did not lose the Wii. Once I've finished re-modding it, I will do another NAND backup after the mods, just in case it ever happens again.

    Thanks to all the posters of this forum, particularly those who write guides and hang around to answer questions. I also wanted to thank the bootmii devs by donating on their site, but sadly their paypal button didn't work (site gave errors). If anyone knows any other way to donate to them, please let me know.

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    Congrats on FIXING the brick!

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    What is the restore process your talking about ?

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    I'm sure he's refering to bootmii boot2 nand restore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    I'm sure he's refering to bootmii boot2 nand restore.

    Hey thank you man. I understand his post now. Hey when something like this (No video/No Audio) Happens what really causes it? Could installing a fake or faulty wad have anything to do with it ?


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