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Thread: Black Screen of Death...error

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    Black Screen of Death...error

    So my wii worked fine for about a week after putting in a wiikey 2 and it started giving me the error has occured screen (used to get the can't read the disk screen but not anymore) just tells me to reset the wii and read the manual, i updated the wiikey first and it helped for about 5 minutes then error screen again

    other stuff i've tried
    several different brands of media
    homebrew channel gamma launcher
    lens disk cleaner
    retail wii games give the same error
    downgraded from 3.3u to 3.2u

    other ideas i've yet to try
    gecko os
    new wiikey
    laser problem?

    what my wii has
    wiikey 2 with 1.2 update
    D2C chipset
    3.2u firmware
    usually if i unplug my wii for several hours and start it up it will play the game
    for 5-10 minutes then give the error, before it goes down the drive starts making a bunch of clicking/grinding noises almost like when you first start up the wii but they're way louder (almost like it's angry)

    Any other ideas on what else to would be appreciated


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    i would get the laser lense replaced, sounds like the problem

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    I think you might have over tightened the dvd-rom drive when reassembling the Wii.

    Hop back in there, loosen the 4 screws that hold in the drive and try again.

    It's a long shot, but give it a try.

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