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Thread: XBOX 360 Special Edition

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    XBOX 360 Special Edition

    I was recently given a brand new XBOX 360 Kinect Special Edition. As this is a new XBOX, and that the information on modding them is relatively old, will I be able to mod this version of XBOX 360 in the same way as any other?

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    I assume you mean the Slim version. It's not been publicly released as yet (firmware hack ie LT+).

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    There's no mention of the word 'slim' anywhere on the packaging, and the manufacture date on the back says 2010-12-16. The physical XBOX 360 itself has no mention of 'kinect special edition' either though so I suspect the edition just refers to the fact it comes with the kinect hardware in the box. On a Google search mine certainly looks identical to the slim version (in black).

    Edit: It says "Xbox 360 S Console", and a little research tells me the 'S' does indeed stand for Slim.

    Edit2: I did some reading on the slim version to expand on what nightstah said about the firmware hack not being released yet. For others in the same situation as me, it looks like:
    1. The XBOX 360 Slims aren't yet able to be softmodded because the firmware hack hasn't been released yet.
    2. The Xbox 360 Slim will very likely be softmoddable eventually, and there's some suggestion it will be 'soon'.
    3. It looks likely that the process to softmod will be very similar to the regular 360 version if not identical (using the appropriate firmware of course)

    Thanks for the fast reply nightstah
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