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    Post crazy intro tut

    hello everyone,

    sorry if i say something wrong. im dutch(:
    well, a lot of people want a crazy intro tut so i hope i can help u all.

    Simply follow the guide below and you should have your own custom video playing every time you turn on your Nintendo Wii.
    Things Needed:
    Softmodded Nintendo Wii.
    Priiloader and Homebrew Channel Installed.
    SD Card to put Video on.
    Crazy Intro Files – Download CrazyIntro.rar for free on
    Points to Remember:

    You will need to leave the SD Card in the Wii at all times as it loads the video file from it every time you turn on your Wii.
    The intro video will not be displayed when you restart your Wii, you will only see it when you Power On your Wii.

    Install Instructions:
    Download the files above and extract them to the root of the SD Card.
    Insert the SD Card into the Wii and load Priiloader by holding the Reset Button while powering on the Wii.
    In Priiloader enable the hack “Replace Health Screen with Backmenu” and scroll to the bottom to save changes.
    Go Back to the Priiloader Main Menu and Select “Load / Install File” you should see the Crazy Intro file, just select it and Press [A] to install it.
    Once again go back to the Priiloader Main Menu and enter the “Settings” Menu.
    You now need to change “Autoboot” to “File” and “Return to” to “System Menu”, then scroll to the bottom to save changes.
    Go back to the Priiloader Main Menu for the last time and choose “System Menu” and your Wii should load up as normal.
    Power Off the Wii and Power Back On, you should now see a much improved video intro instead of the boring Health Warning Screen.
    If you want to use your own video file just replace the video1.avi file in the “crazyintro/videos” folder. Make sure the video file you use has the name “video1″ and it must be a .avi file.
    Your video can be as long as you want as long as it fits on the SD Card, you can skip the video intro by pressing [A] while it is playing.

    hope it works now.
    and if something is wrong ask me!


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    You copied these instructions off another tutorial. One from this site, no less. Closed. Do not make another.

    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    Obviously a language barrier. I thought in his post here he was more or less asking how do you make an Intro (he said blog; an educated guess he meant Intro). I never figured he'd go and recycle actual content, lol.

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