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Thread: Just installed wiikey fusion; having trouble reading discs.

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    Just installed wiikey fusion; having trouble reading discs.

    First post here for me. Great site. Here is my situation. I just installed a wiikey fusion on my wii. GC2-D2C chip. I updated the fusion with software version 1.5 (latest). When I try to play one of my backups on DVD the drive tries to read it, clicks and reads... then after about 30 seconds or so the game may work or it may say insert disc. I also have some problems playing the old Nintendo games I downloaded from the wii site. They start and then they just freeze up the wii. im wondering if maybe the dvds i am using may not be compatible. they are memorex DVD+R Lightscribe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    If your wii system is 4.2 or 4.3 and you are trying to run pal discs on a NTSC machine or vice versa, your out of luck.

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    4.2 and 4.3 enforces region lock. If you want region free, you can downgrade to 4.1 via the softmod method.

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    All my backups are for NTSC, as is set by the wiikey, so i dont think its a ntsc/pal issue.

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    If your problem is the discs your using, try something else.

    You can also try this thread:

    See if burnning at a certain speed or whatever is your problem.

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