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Thread: Wiikey / Wiikey 2 problems

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    Wiikey / Wiikey 2 problems

    I have a D2B unit that worked perfectly forever, now when trying to play backups, the start then say see the owners manual. Originals work perfectly.

    I reloaded my Wiikey V.1 and reconfigured but nothing changed. So I bought a Wiikey V.2 Yellow Sticker. Removed the old WiiKey and soldered in the new one, configured it and it does the same thing.

    Is this due to having 3.4U installed on the system? I'm at a loss.


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    laser lense might need to be changed

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    laser lense might need to be changed
    I'd think if the laser was going out I'd have problems with originals and the backups wouldn't fail in the exact same place every time.

    Does anyone know if the 3.4U update defeats the WiiKey?

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    it blocks Fake signed games


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