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Thread: JoYFlow v1.0 - WiiFlow mod for SNEEK / UNEEK

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    JoYFlow v1.0 - WiiFlow mod for SNEEK / UNEEK

    ok so here it the loader that all users of s/uneek have been looking for

    a loader for channels and games in disc ex form

    check out the video here and there will be a release soon we are cleaning up code trying to make a channel and chann\ge some pictures still but it works great so far

    check back here for a link to .dol soon here is video: YouTube - ‪20022011014.mp4‬‏

    this mod is only for uneek users at the moment

    all uneek users let us know what you think?

    still wanting to add game dump function to joyflow and get sneek side to work also

    ok here are the public beta and the source again this mod is for uneek only please dont try this on your real nand

    there are no guarantees this will work for you and use it at your own risk .dol

    everyone enjoy
    source code

    source - here
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