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Thread: USB Loader on 'inner' USB port

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    Question USB Loader on 'inner' USB port


    Is it possible to plug an external HD into the inner USB port (or port 2) of the Wii?
    For now it does not work in my setup...


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    The inner usb port (usb port 1) does not work with backup launchers, but the newer homebrew that uses IOS58 and Homebrew Channel 1.0.8 can use the inner usb port. The NES, SNES, GBA, Wii64 emulators, along with Mplayer CE, and WiiMC will all work with the inner usb port. But, as I have tested, WiiMC will only recognize one USB device, so if WiiMC sees a usb drive in usb port 0, then it will not recognize a drive in usb port 1, nor will it recognize multiple usb drives attached to a usb hub.

    usb port 2 is wrong, they are referred to as usb port 0 (outter port)and port 1 (inner port).
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    Thanx for your info stomp_442.

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    If I remember well I did some testing too with CFG USB Loader and if you use cIOS249rev21[base58] you can place a USB disk in the usb1 port.


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    Hey jesquinas

    Thanx for the info but I have CIOS249rev21[base57] because otherwise Singstars, u-sing and other Karaoke dicsc won't work.

    So no port 1 for me so far!


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