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Thread: Wii with 2.2E and broken DVD player, how to proceed?

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    Wink Wii with 2.2E and broken DVD player, how to proceed?

    Hey guys!

    I have a bit of a challenge for you guys. I recently got an free Wii without an working DVD player. I figured out that I could just softmod it with bannermod but it runs IOS 2.2E so thatīs not an option.

    The Wii is supposed to be hard modded already but the guy had no idea which modchip is installed.

    At the moment the Wii runs Wii OS 2.2E and as mentioned before I canīt upgrade to Wii OS 3.x or 4.2 because it doesnīt read DVDīs anymore, Iīve seen the sticky topic about updating an hardmodded Wii but it doesnīt list any steps for 2.x so I guess thatīs also not an option.

    I have an SD Card/USB Drive handy, is there anything that I can load from SD/USB to install the homebrew channel or update to 4.2?

    I would hate for the Wii to go to waste, especially with so much good homebrew out

    Thanks in advance!

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    When and how did the drive break? What happens when you put a game in?
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