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Thread: I guess a small minor error

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    I guess a small minor error

    Now i was trying to downgrade my wii anyways. I had the tw hack and i had hombrew and i also had the hombrew. So now i finally told me to go into the hombrew channel on the downgrade and i cant do anything in my hombrew channel idk whats wrong with it if needed i can post a screenshot or sumthing? I did update the hombrew channel i think to the newest one if that had any affects which i didnt think so? plz pm me

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    if u dont have the apps on your SD card it wont work
    if they arnt right they wont work
    if their Elf's they wont work

    it should be
    root = apps
    apps = folders for the program, name whatever u want
    that folder = files + boot.dol (will work with just the boot for the most part)

    if you got elf's get a convertor

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    Use Emperorofcanada's thread, He has all the files there to download, and when you unzip the files to downgrade, the structure and everything is perfect to copy straight to your sd card, I think its pretty failsafe


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