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Thread: PS3 Instruments + Wii ???

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    Smile PS3 Instruments + Wii ???

    Weird question but I have a YLOD PS3 (sigh) and well I used the Rock Band 2 mic for my wii with Def Jam Rapstar and worked just fine. So I am wondering if any other Rock Band 2 PS3instruments might work fine for guitar hero or rock band on wii?

    I know the mic is prolly just some generic usb mic and most likely everything else won't work but just seeing if perhaps someone had tried using say the bluetooth usb dongle + guitar for wii. I have heard you can set them up on PC.

    I am thinking since it uses like triangle circle square cross it might not work but shrug please let me know if anyone has this setup working ^^

    *edit* and just a random complaint, Just got off the phone with Sony, I called up PS3 about my YLOD and it appears just my fan is fried or something and they are like well it's gonna be $167. I asked the dude what if it's just like a paper clip fell in there and it's fine when removed? STILL $167. They only cover you for 90 days which means when it happens again, cause I mean come on it's going to happen again. It's ANOTHER $ basically I might as well just buy a new PS3 and with this kind of customer service...why even bother... I told the dude I have a ps1 and ps2 and atari and regular old ass nes that all boot up instantly, yet PS3 doesn't survive 3 years. He was just like man there's so much technology inside there stuff happens. Sigh I dunno just need to vent the frustration...

    I mean sometimes I just wish all console games were also released on computer...they force you to buy these jam packed consoles which are obviously pushed so far they are producing too much heat. Seems like only system that is safe is Nintendo...I would rather just have to replace a disc drive than deal with RROD or YLOD :S (Oh my xbox RROD too, and first Wii gf stole during the "breakup" just can't win man) SIGH ok sorry if you had to read that last bit...:P
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    you should try and fix the YLOD yourself, look on ebay for a PS3 YLOD repair kit, there fairly cheap to


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