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Thread: ohneswanzenegger, write nand.bin on PC

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    ohneswanzenegger, write nand.bin on PC

    This is a program called "ohneswanzenegger". It is a multi-platform PC program for creating, formatting, & writing to a nand.bin. It allows you to taylor-make a nand.bin on your PC and then install it with bootmii or a flash programmer. It accepts wads or downloads titles and full updates from NUS. It has been undergoing closed beta testing for the past month or so. During this time, not 1 single Wii was bricked, but I still highly recommend checking the contents of a nand.bin before installing it to a wii.


    • format
    • download titles from NUS
    • download FULL updates from NUS
    • cache downloaded files from NUS
    • install wads
    • bad block handling
    • persistent settings
    • writes files with correct permissions
    • undetectable by nintendo's "pre-repair check" disc ( removes all traces of homebrew )
    • generate a nand.bin from "scratch" ( this still requires that you know the bad blocks and have a copy of boot1 & 2 for this wii )
    • **no korean or dev key support (yet).**

    -Basic usage-
    1) start this program
    2) click the "local cache" button and select a location with decent read/write speeds and (up to) 1GB of free space
    3) MAKE A COPY of your nand.bin ( keep the original in a safe place )
    3) click "search" in this program and select THE COPY of your nand.bin
    4) click content->format and format this nand.bin
    5) install titles by doing one of the following...
    ........a) install a full update by typing "3.0u", "4.3j", "2.0e", or similar in the upper left line and pressing "get it"
    ........b) install a single titles from NUS by typing a 16 character TID in the upper left line ( and optionally the version number in the upper right ) and press "get it"
    ........c) click file->import wads and select 1 or more .wad files to install
    6) write a setting.txt ( content->setting.txt ). if you chose to install a full update in step #5, then this should automatically prompt you
    7) re-read all the text in the output window. anything in bold is an error and may result in a broken nand.bin.
    8) verify the contents of the nand.bin before even thinking about installing it.
    9) vote for me to win the homebrew bounty
    10) donate to my paypal - giantpune[at]gmail[dot]com
    11) (optional) if you want, you can delete the cached NUS files. or you can leave them there for later use


    This tool is not intended for people that dont understand basic principals about how the wii works. Please do not include it in any guide aimed at noobs, it was not written for them. Always make sure you verify the contents of a nand.bin after writing to it. Installing a borked nand.bin can very easily brick your wii.

    windows r70 download... - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    linux and mac can build it from source code...

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    If you bricked and have keys but no nand ..can you make one with this program ?


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