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Thread: 360 softmod for a noob?

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    360 softmod for a noob?

    Hey guys im about to purchase a 360, its a 20gb model its manufacture date is 2008-9-12. I have a modded Wii so i know a bit about them but nothing about 360s, i had a look at the sticky on the top of this page and it just baffled me, i didnt understand it. Anyway what the best mod ect, i play my wii games off my portable hdd can i do the same with the 360?
    Cheers guys

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    A console with that date would be easily modifiable. Google Jungle Flasher and read. There are HDs that attach to the XBox (physically slid/locked into place). Even with XBox, it won't FULLY INSTALL the game to HD (though a JTAG unit can be made to). Most of the code will go to it, but you can't eliminate the disc.

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    Cheers dude having a look now, just a question would i be better to chip it?

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    There isn't a modchip for the XBox 360, get with the times.

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    haah sorry dude

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    man chips are sooooo 2001 lol

    i went the easy way after softmodding my own wii, psp and feeling very proud of myself but i didnt like the idea of opening the 360 myself and messing it up with all the wires and stuff so i payed a guy to do it for me, right now im looking for an old used xbox360 so i can give it ago modding myself on that (i like to know how to do this stuff myself because every now and then it has to be redone to get around the FW updates and stuff) my mod cost my 25 and a hell of alot of DL discs!!!!!!!!! (a harddrive would be better but hey you cant have everything.........

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    Check Craigslist in your area for cheap Xbox's to mod. I plan on modding mine this week. I WILL still need a disc to play the game right? But it can be a backup disc?

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    No one uses craigslist in the UK (notice he put for price)


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