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Thread: I broke the clip on my Wiikey Fusion SD reader - HELP!

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    I broke the clip on my Wiikey Fusion SD reader - HELP!

    Hi everyone,
    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. I have just installed a Wiikey Fusion and all seem to go well until i came to connect the ribbon cable to the SD reader. The small brown lock clip thingy was quite tight and I had to force it open. It came out eventually but it snapped in the middle. Now, if I hold the cable down with my fingernail it reads the SD card no problem. (I have loaded 1.5 update onto it). I have tried wedging the end down but no luck - I need to get a new clip from somewhere. I have spent the last couple of hours on Google trying to source one of these but not getting anywhere. Mainly because I do not know the correct terminology for this piece.
    If anyone knows where I can buy these in the UK it would be much appreciated. It seems a waste to buy a whole new modchip for i tiny little piece of plastic. Or, if anyone has successfully connect the internal SD to the chip that would solve the problem.
    Many thanks.

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    not sure where you could get one, try snipping a match stick to length and use some sticky tape to hold it in place. might work

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    Thanks, never thought of that - might be worth a shot. I'll let you know if it works.

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    Ok, tried the matchstick thing. Jammed it in and it gave me enough contact to see the Gamecube loader on the home screen. Flashed the chip to 1.5 with no problems. Backup games boot no problem now straight from the DVD drive which is great. I might get a hold of a hot glue gun and 'set' this in place but its not really an issue now as I will just use the DVD drive.
    Many thanks for your help.

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    glad you have it sorted, rember though if you use the glue method be sure that you have good contact as you might not be able to reseat the ribbon a second time

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    Yep - will do.
    Thanks again.


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