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Thread: Broken Wii SD Slot

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    Broken Wii SD Slot

    I got a used Wii.I tried to use SD on it but i got nothing except an error which says The device inserted can't be used or something like that
    I checked the Slot, looked inside and find out 2 pins of slot are out of the place so i got some pictures to show you what i mean

    this is a healthy Slot

    this is the one I'm taking about

    .look at the places i marked.Red ones show the pins out of the place and the Blue looklike some thing stuck in the Slot

    So my question is can i fix this my self? if i can will it be a temporary fix or it will fix it completely ? Shall i send it back and get my money or fix it? If it can be fixed i want to keep the Wii because i don't want to disturb seller because he is a friend of mine. If it can't be fixed completely i shall send it back
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    If you can solder it can be repaired. If you cant then you need to send it to someone who can or give it back.

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    I'm gonna send it back


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