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Thread: Need a good cfw Recomendation

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    I was wondering if anyone can make a good recommendation as to what cfw to use for my psp phat since there are like a million of them out there. Looking for something easy to use, stable and compatible with new and old psp games. I was also planning on running the iso from my pc as well. I looked into 5.50 gen d3 and m33 5.00 as well as 6.20 tn c. It seems the first 2 are supported more. Only reason I hesitate on using older cfw like that is becuase I don't want issues with trying to play newer games when I actually load the umd into the psp and not run the back up. Needless to say psp modding isn't as user friendly as the wii and there are just waaaaaay too many options out and not all homebrew loads on all cfw. Which I find to be a pain. That and it seems the info available on the main psp hack sites is kinda disorganized and not well explained for someone just getting started. Any tips or info for a beginner would be appreciated. I am not new to console modding but I've never messed with the psp before it looks like it's more hassle than its worth. Seems like there are always tons of stability issues as well as compatibility issues.

    Lol I wish there was a mauifrog's guide for the psp. No disrespect to any guides currently written but to me they seem kinda incomplete and don't explain what stuff does well or how to fully utilize the potential of the cfw.
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    I found 6.20tn easy to do just put folders on ur memory card and off u go

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