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Thread: wiimc channel1.7 keeps failing to install

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    wiimc channel1.7 keeps failing to install

    I have read many posts about installing wiim1.7 , and still having troubles installing Channel . this is what i have , and did . 4.2u soft mod

    started with hbc 1.0.6, than updated to HBC 1.0.8 through the online update , Now i see i have HBC 1.0.8 Iso58 v24.32
    I have DL iso58-64-v6176 wad , and have installed through wad manager 1.5 Everything thing look good , and displayed it was installed ok .

    I have Wiimc 1.7 channel Installer , and Wiimc 1.1.2 on my HBC , and can get it loaded through HBC. When i try to install the channel it displays "running Iso58 " and have option to install or cancel
    When i choose Install I get ERROR Channel Installation Failed

    I have tried this many different ways .
    I have the channel Install 1.7 wad ,channel install 1.6,1.5 , 1.2 and i get the same message i try loading that up in wad manager 1.5, select Iso249, nand disable, wii sd slot I than get a Error code (ret =- 1029) . I have tried Iso 58 , and Iso 202 , and iso 222 the same way , and get (ret =- 1029) or (ret =- 2011)

    I have also DL the Iso 58 installer , and ran that through HBC , and i get ERROR Channel Installation Failed after trying to Install

    I have read about updating to 4.3 and that might help .I know theres a way to get this working with out formatting , and updating to 4.3

    I have been at this on off , mostly on for about a week now .

    I think the program is Awesome , and very easy to use . Been using the Smb to get all files off the pc's

    What have i did wrong or what didnt i do to get this Channel Installed right , and working



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    what do i need to edit ? didnt think i did anything wrong , sorry for the mess up , wiil fix asap ,dont know NVM is , sorry

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    I got the message to reinstall HBC Like you have said . I have done . I have the 1.06 HBC , do I need get the HBC 1.08 and Just install that ,and don't worrie about the 1.0.6

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    I posted something but then I edited it with nvm = nevermind

    Before installing wiimc you need to have HBC 1.0.8 with ios58. Install IOS 58 from here then reinstall/install HBC 1.0.8 using HackMii Installer v0.8. Its fine to overwrite any version of hbc you already have. It MUST be done in those steps, ios 58 installed first then install hbc.

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    ok , ty ill start soon on it , ill let you know if it works ..

    Thanks a lot

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    DL. all the files . Started with HBC 1.0.8, and installed the wad file of iso58 from link . that display installed ok . Went to sd card , and reinstalled HBC from link that was posted . When I opened back up HBC i Noticed that i still have 1.0.8 Iso58 v24.32. I went to install Wiimc channel , and same result "failed to install"

    when i backed up , and had hbc from hackmii .06 and followed by installing Iso 58 from link you provided , and than reinstall HBC from hackmii .08, i got the same result when trying to install the channel .

    Im lost , but not giving up yet

    thanks so far

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    UP DATE :
    went into my DOP-Mii v12 , and took out my iso 58 v5918, and reinstalled my HBC from hackmii v.08.
    went into my wad folder and installed the iso58 v6176. Everything look good . reinstalled my HBC from hackmii v 08 again , and it still shows HBC1.0.8 iso58 V24.32.
    went it install wiimc channel again , and same thing , Failed to install

    have No clue what i have done wrong , or if i have a bad file .

    will keep trying to solve the problem .
    Still looking for input ...

    tried everything that ppl had suggested , and nothing yet . going to pas on this now , and try some other day

    thank you all

    thanks again

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    Don't uninstall IOS below 200 and stop double posting. Get the wad channel that you tried to install it with and uninstall it with wad manager. After that is uninstalled run the Wii MC channel installer from HBC.

    Also, you were supposed to install IOS58 before you reinstall HBC. So reinstall HBC again.
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    Damn I suck!!!!

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    up date with installation

    Thanks to all thats been working on the 1.0.8. With the Update of Wiimc , and took thew time to reformat was able to get the channel installed and working Great . For Whom Posted here , and helped also Thanks a Lot .

    I didnt want to format but i believe i really messed up the wii with installing over everything . i got lost many time with what i was doing . I didnt mean to break any rule here also... sorry

    Looking forward on using 1.0.8 with smb support

    thanks again


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