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    • Extract single files full directories
    • Multi-threaded and uber fast
    • Persistent settings
    • Beautiful GUI - laid out like bootmii
    • View file/folder attributes
    • Fixes bugs found in other nand extractors ( showmiiwads & Wii NAND Extractor )
    • Show useful info about nand usage including free space, boot 1 & 2, reserved/free/bad blocks, and even see on what blocks a specific file resides

    -Basic usage-

    1) start the program and select file->open nand. select a nand.bin.
    2) click any file to see its usage
    3) right click any file/folder and select extract. you will be prompted to select the directory to extract the file(s) into
    4) click info->boot2 to see information about boot 1 & 2
    5) vote for me to win the homebrew bounty

    Windows r70 download... - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    linux and mac can build it from source code...

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