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Thread: How to install English Firmware on Korean machine

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    How to install English Firmware on Korean machine

    I just bought a Wii while I was in China and it turned out to be a Korean Model
    Model No.: RVL-001 (KOR)

    The Wii is modded with backup loader software shown on the firmware but the firmware is in Japanese and I can only read English. Is there a way I can check what modchip is used in my system and is there a way I can install a modified English firmware? Can I connect online and update my firmware?


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    get homebrew channel
    install anyregion changer
    follow the prompts

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    get homebrew channel
    install anyregion changer
    follow the prompts
    Do I need to download the english menus before I install anyregion changer?

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    no, just change all the settings in any region changer then the firmware

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    So will the anyregionchanger automatically download the US firmware or do I have to manually obtain the US firmware some other method?
    Sorry I am ultimate noob

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    -.- you can look at the app, IM JUST SAYING -,_-,

    it downloads the firmware, also youll see settings you can toggle to change the info, language, game region, etc

    it is a program that will brick u if youre stupid

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    So I blindly went to the Wii settings in japanese to enable the lan adapter connection. It automatically started downloading the new update (I assume since the progress bar was extremely slow) so I decided to turn off the power while it was downloading. Now when I use the anyregionchanger it's not able to detect my current system menu version anymore and I can not install the 3.2U. I decided to just go back to reupdate the firmware to the newest japanese version and see if anyregion changer can downgrade 3.4j to 3.2u.

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    if it doesnt work, click canada's post, then downgrade and do it

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    Thanks, but is there a way I can see what version firmware I am on?
    anyregion changer does not show it and gives me errors.

    When I finished updating through the Wii Menu it rebooted and gave me english disclosure text but booted back into a japanese interface. I can still go to the Wii menu so is my wii considered semibrick?

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    wii > settings > top right

    if u go into the settings and it doesnt work semi brick

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