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Thread: Loadstructor-1.7+cLoader-1.6 problem

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    Loadstructor-1.7+cLoader-1.6 problem

    ok well i made channels for all my games

    dragon ball z bt3 works
    kirby epic yarn works but freezes after intro movie
    super mario galaxy 2 dosent work just says loading please wait and stays like that
    super paper mario works
    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All Stars works

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    I assume they work fine when using your loader. Use Crap (yes, that's its name) to make channels. The only thing is that you can't use GX 2.0 with it until Crap gets an update. Apparently GX 2.0 has so many changes that it is considered a "different" loader than 1.0 by Crap.
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    im downloading crap will post later if dosent work

    also is there any wad i should have already installed in my wii

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    what loader do i use foe super mario galaxy 2

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