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Thread: Hey all! (Newbie Needing Help)

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    Us Hey all! (Newbie Needing Help)

    Hey, I'm LitKey. Virgin Wii hacker. My Wii I picked up at launch is sitting here gathering dust and I want to make some use of it, so I came here.

    I need help getting started though. My Wii version is at 3.3u and I don't have an SD card reader yet or an SD card but I'm ordering them today off of NewEgg (still haven't decided what kind yet, so any recommendations are welcome). So, what do I need to do to get started once I have my SD card and SD card reader?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Do a quick search you'll find everything you need is listed on this site as well as tutorials etc

    For homebrew: Zelda Twilight Princess, Twilight princess save hack, Homebrew channel files,

    Then you can install other stuff like virtual console games, apps etc from your sd card

    But yeah, Since you ahve some time before you can do all this stuff, Just do a search around the forums and everything you'll ever need is right here

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    You need an SD card of maximum 2Gb capacity, NOT SDHC. Good quality SD cards are pretty cheap, Sandisk or Kingston. Do you get those brands in the States? As for card reader, anything USB 2.0 compatible should do you. I use a Peak II multi card thing that does MS/CF/XD&SM/SD&MMC and appears as 4 separate drive letters on your PC. Happy hacking!

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