While Microsoft was happy to boast about US Xbox 360 sales in January, Nintendo and Sony chose not to release hardware sales figures for the month.

But analyst Michael Pachter - who holds what we're sure is a pretty expensive subscription for NPD data - said in a research note today that monthly PS3 and Wii sales were both down compared to January 2010.

According to the Wedbush man, there were 319,000 Wiis sold in the US last month, down 31 percent year-over-year, and 267,000 PS3s sold, down three percent year-over-year.

Xbox 360 was the top selling console, shifting 381,000 units, and Pachter said over half of the total were Kinect bundles.

Sony responded to last night's NPD results with a statement focusing on PS3 software momentum, while Nintendo has opted not to comment.

Pachter also told CNET that DS sold 350,000 units in January, representing a 17 percent year-over-year decline, while PSP sold 80,000 units, down 20 percent from January 2010.
source - computerandvideogames.com