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Thread: USB LOADER GX question

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    Red face USB LOADER GX question

    On a certain website I found a hard drive compatibility list for the wii usb loader gx. In it, there is a verbatim 250gb hard drive, and it says that the hard drive works. So Im thinking about ordering. On another site, I found a 320gb version of the same ext. hard drive, but 2 dollars cheaper. I just want to know will the 320gb version also work?

    EDIT: Im kinda new here, but I have softmodded my 4.3u wii with your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by skellinator View Post
    The link for the list is the same list I was talking about. The 250gb Verbatim Portable Hard Drive 2.5" is there, but the 320gb of the same model is not there. My question is will 320gb work the same as 250gb?

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    probably yes but no one can be sure untill some one tests it so if you do get it remember to post your results just incase some one else is in the same situation

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    Thanks. Ill try it. Im just scared because I dont want to waste my money, and I wont have a reason to refund, so Ill have to pay a restocking fee
    Can anyone think of a reason for a refund (IF I need one, which I hope I wont)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by boris417
    bumpity bump
    You said you would try it. What are you bumping for? Your next post should have been in the comparability list saying if it worked or not.

    We agent here to give you a reason for a refund. We are here to help with your Wii

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    I have ordered the hard drive. It *SHOULD* come by feb 23.

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    good luck mate

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    After poking around the forum a bit, I have come to the conclusion that Fat32 would be the best hard drive format to go with. Which in turn means, that I should use this guide: Is that correct?

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