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Thread: Hello! I did it.

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    Cool Hello! I did it.

    Yeah I did exactly what the tutorial said to do, and it worked great. I have the wii 4.3u and used the link for downloading the homebrew channel via Indiana Jones hackmod and it worked great. Just was wondering what would be the best next move i mean what apps are the best and what to watch out for course im gonna read the forum and FAQ's just was hoping someone could enlighten me faster?

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    There are way to many apps out there to list. You can visit Main Page - WiiBrew and find several. You can also google Wii apps and see what you come up with. Just don't try anything unless you understand what it is.

    Hello Erik Rose and welcome to!

    --You will find everything you need to know about your Wii and maybe a little more right here. It just takes some reading but it is worth it. You can start by looking at our Site Index to get you on your way and maybe answer some of your basic questions as well.

    --To get you started in your adventure will find one of these guides helpful. Just pick one out that fits your Wii (yes that includes black Wii's).

    --There are also guides on setting up an external hard drive to play your backup games from. You can find one by Gen3sf here and another by Krank and Cile here.

    --We also strongly encourage you to use the search feature built into the forums. There is a nice guide that explains the ins and outs of it found here. We promote the practice of search first and ask questions later. Most new comer questions can be answered just by utilizing the search feature correctly. If you can't find an answer then please feel free to ask your question in the appropriate section.

    --We also ask you to be mindful and follow our site rules. We like to keep orderly and to do so, we need rules.

    --If you like what you see and would like to give back with a donation would be welcomed and greatly appreciated. You can donate as much or as little as you wish. You will gain some perks at different monetary levels that may interest you such as an entry into our Contest of the Month and a special forum just for site donors. You can find more information on donor privileges found here.

    --If you have a question pertaining to a guide then that question should be asked in that guide. Please DO NOT come back to your welcome post to ask questions or post in the Newbie Forum.

    --And whatever you do..... DO NOT UPDATE ONLINE!! It will make your job harder!!

    --And last but not least... Please be careful with your wording when asking about your backup games. As I'm sure you have read in our rules, we do not support piracy. If you download a game and you own the original disk, then state so when asking for assistance or do not mention how you obtained it. Following this simple advice will save the staff and you some future headaches.

    Other links that might interest you:
    Monster Hunter Tri Guide by Davepm- Here
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Guide by Ithian-Here
    New Super Mario Bros Wii Guide by Davepm- Here
    Metroid Other M Guide by emuhack- Here
    Call of Duty: Black Ops by Krank- Here


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