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Thread: Gecko OS 1.7B on Wii 4.3U - Call of Duty

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    Gecko OS 1.7B on Wii 4.3U - Call of Duty

    Okie heres the issue i hope i explain this right so atm i have a wii with Homebrew and Gecko Os 1.7B.... Gecko 1.9.3 i think dosent load so i use 1.7B unless 1.9 works for 4.3U id love a link or something please and well anyway im trying to Hack Call of Duty Black Opps and so far i have the New Version of the Gecko OS 1.7B with Error #002 fix because that all i got with most games when i played them so now that issue is fixed but now on Call Of Duty the game to load main menu freezes at loading and iv looked everywhere to see why exactly but no luck. Im not very skilled at what everything means and so on but im learning so plz if u can plz leave a detailed description on how to fix and or what exactly i am to do plz thanks

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    Trying to hack it? Go read the forum rules we do not support cheating. Why don't you play the game how it was intended to be played instead of cheating?

    Thread closed, do not start another regarding this.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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