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Thread: Leaning but lost more than ever

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    Leaning but lost more than ever

    Alright so I have been checking this out for a couple of weeks now and because I like things to run smoothly I have decided to skip the soft hacking and go with go old hardware hacking. But I am a bit confused and need clarification, btw all I want is to be able to play backup games (dumps pref because all of the torrents I have found have been pal games and my system is ntsc-u)

    No matter what, I need homebrew and 3.2U, 3.2 so I can use homebrew and homebrew so I can dump via wifi (optionally I can try and find someone on egay who is price gouging for a used LG gdr-8164b)

    I am looking at the wasabi zero or D2Pro9 ver 3 mod chips, probably going with the latter as I don't really want to wait for zero bugs to be worked out. Do I need to install 3.2 and homebrew before I install the chip or does it not matter?

    The other important bits are they type of media used as well as the programs used to burn.

    Is this correct and am I missing something?

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    Chips = region free
    thats all they do =x, for the most part

    3.2 is easily updated with a chip, u can swap a ISO's firmware, or use anyregion changer

    Wasabi, has ALWAYS been very Solid, and a great track record, JUST SAYING

    you can install a chip with anything but the latest drive, which lacks a drive chip

    DVD's brand not important, verbatim recomended, same with -R, but not required


    ^ more or less right


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