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Thread: Playing WiiWare/VC games (WAD files) directly from USB hard drive

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    Playing WiiWare/VC games (WAD files) directly from USB hard drive

    Greetings everyone!

    I have my 4.2U Wii softmodded and everything works perfectly. I have about 25 Wii games saved on my external hard drive and maybe 5-10 WAD files copied to the Wii from USB.

    It is my understanding that the WAD files are copied to the Wii's internal memory, meaning that there's a limit to how many one can have at a time.

    My question: Is it possible to have the Wii load (and play) these WAD files from the USB hard drive? That is, could I save 50 WAD files to my external hard drive and play them as I go without having to remove old ones, copy new ones, etc?

    Basically, I'd like to set something up for the WiiWare/VC games so that I can browse through and play them just like I do the Wii games via a USB loader.

    And yes, I tried searching for this but I found conflicting answers that just confused me more. If this is plainly documented somewhere, I apologize.


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    Hrmmmmm let me guess you DL'd them from the interwebs.... naughty naughty....

    We do not support Piracy and if you want to play VC/WIIWARE DL'd it from the shop channel and put it on the SD

    /thread closed!!!

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