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Thread: Wiikey Fusion - Super Mario Galaxy 2

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    Wiikey Fusion - Super Mario Galaxy 2


    I have the wiikey fusion installed. All my backed up games work successfully except one: Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    I load it up like all the rest and in the disc menu it shows Super Mario Galaxy 2. I go into this channel and click start... then it shows a black screen and stays there. Anyone know if there is an issue with Wiikey Fusion and this game?


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    hmm off to maxconsole where people actually know something and bother to reply.
    CU CU L8R Wiihacks.

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    hahaha give people time to reply, i can confirm SuperMario Galaxy 2 does work with the fusion. from my understanding a black screen means you either need to update one of the iso or you have one missing thats required. (im sure someone with more knowlage would confirm this)

    when i installed my fusion most backups shown a black screen i just updated my wii, maybe not recomended looking at posts but everything now works ok from me.

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    yea fair enough i shouldnt get pissy... i jsut posted two threads before with no replys for days.. except myself lol when i figured it out...

    I'll try give people a hand now since i sorted most my issues. Just teething...

    So did you update your actual wii to 4.3? I have 4.1E and i heard that upgrading screws it so you can't do multi region. Can anyone please advise what the drawbacks of upgrading to 4.3 is with the Wiikey Fusion.


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    yes i upgraded to 4.3, and it does break multi region but i can live with that.

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    ok thanks for the information.


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