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Thread: Wiikey fusion installed - problem with DVD drive

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    Wiikey fusion installed - problem with DVD drive


    Received my Wiikey Fusion in the post today and followed the guide on when installing it. Pretty certain I got all the connections the right way up and remembered to plug back in the dvd drive. I tested the SD card reader before putting the Wii back together again and ran Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Returns off the card perfecly so I thought all was well and screwed everything back together again.

    I then tried to put in a DVD into the console and the drive would not accept it, almost as if there was no power to the drive, when I switch on the console the drive lights up blue for a second then goes off again.

    I must admit I have not updated the firmware yet but I do have a note of the serial so can do so in the morning. I will be opening it up tomorrow and checking/reseating all the connections, just wondered if anyone had seen this or could give me a heads up on anything to check for


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    I don't know if you have figured anything out yet but I have an original wiikey and tried to install a wiikey fusion this morning. I had this problem originally and had to take everything apart again to fix it. What was happening was the chip was pressing on the bottom of the dvd drive and causing it not to spin and not eject the disc. I took it apart and put it back together multiple time trying to figure out how to fix the problem but could not position the chip anywhere without it pressing at the very least hard enough to make the disc rub against part of the drive. I gave up and just took the thing out. I still have my original wiikey anyway. The fusion is just easier to update and has more support from the company. It is important to notice when you are piecing everything back together when you set the dvd drive back into place does it rest in place or wobble a little. If it wobbles you most likely have the same problem I did. Let me know if you figured anything out.

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    thanks for your response,

    I took everything apaprt and found the dvd drive cable had came loose (power cable), I had taped the cabled down with electrical tape to keep it neat and had taped it a little too tight and when I put the dvd drive in place it pulled the cable out. Works perfect now!


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