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Thread: d3-2 drive

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    d3-2 drive

    I have been thinking about getting a new replacement drive for my wii so i can play backups from discs. I was wondering if it would be hard to replace the board for the d3-2 drive if i have no prior soldering skills? Or would it be easier to just buy a whole new drive? Also, what would be a good place to buy these parts from?

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    It's a fairly simple solder, but if you haven't done ANY board soldering I would start with a few practice wires on an old throw-away board first. But also, for the price of a main board, you might as well throw in the extra ~twenty bucks and get a replacement drive.
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    So long as you've verified visually this is a D3-2 drive (example: not D4 drive --- no drop-in replacement for those), you can do this. Probably easiest is the drive and PCB as a single unit --- no soldering required. About $50 +/- on Ebay (less if you'd rather swap out the PCB and desolder/resolder). I did this myself, in fact (though I never do use the optical drive; nice to have the option, however).


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