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Thread: USB HDD Detection

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    USB HDD Detection

    Hello everyone, I'm using a WD Scorpio Blue 320GB in a 2.5" SATA enclosure, it has been flawless so far. It has a Y end with two USB connectors, it used to work with only one of these connectors which i presume is the "data" one. Recently it will spin up only when both connectors are plugged into USB ports 0 and 1. Would the wii be fine with powering the HDD through both ports, or could this affect it in some way?

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    I think you're looking for trouble, powering a hdd like that with your Wii. Just my opinion.

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    My friend has one similar to that. Plug the power into a laptop, and the data into the Wii.

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    Guess it was a bad cable, got another cable and it now works with just one of the plugs connected.


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